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Learn smarter.
Using our AI.

Public Beta released February 20th.

We bring efficiency to the classroom by simplifying your course material. Get AI-Powered, personalized notes and answers to your questions in seconds.

Our Powerful Tools
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Note GenerationInstantly translates your course content into notes
Question & AnswerAnswers any questions about your uploaded course material
Lecture & Video Transcription (coming soon!)
An all in one tool
Personalized for your needs
Increased reading speed
Our AI reads the entirety of your
uploaded material and provides you with
detailed notes, all within seconds!
Upload Everything
Mindgrasp is able to read multiple media
types (lectures, links, files, and photos)
Just drag and drop!
Better Learning
Mindgrasp’s powerful language processing abilities and interactive dashboard layout is designed with an emphasis on saving you time, making learning easier

Designed to save you time and help you learn. Anywhere. Anytime.

Mindgrasp is optimized for multiple different types of course material on all devices.

- Stay Tuned For our IOS App coming soon!


What students are saying about our platform

"I used to hate school because I’d spend hours just trying to read the assignments. The App catered to my needs and saved my time & learning."

Timothy Chao

Student Diagnosed with ADHD

"Thanks to Mindgrasp, now I have time to devote to my extracurriculars without having to skip completing any assignments or readings!"

Jasmin Shah

Student Athlete

"This tool is incredible. The App relays information in such an easy way. This is what modern technology brings at its finest!"

David Morin

University Student at College Park

An all-in-one supplemental reading companion

Easy to use, Mindgrasp concisely synthesizes the key points of course material in seconds.